July 28, 2021


These Women Don’t Owe Us Anything

Two of the world’s most prominent athletes are no longer bound for the tallest spot on the podium at the Tokyo Olympics. Tennis wunderkind Naomi

This Olympic Rugby Player’s Thirsty TikTok Deserves a Gold Medal

Hagen HopkinsGetty Images American rugby player Ilona Maher hasn’t competed in her event at the Tokyo Olympics yet, but she’s already captured the hearts of

A Plastic-Free Week With Emma Roberts

The speed at which a conversation about plastic can divert to babies could break currently held land-speed records. This is a fact I learned while

How Jennifer Lopez Feels About Ex Alex Rodriguez Vacationing in Same Place: She’s ‘Done with Him’

Jennifer Lopez spent part of her birthday seemingly recreating her “Jenny from the Block” music video with her back-on, smitten boyfriend, Ben Affleck, on a

‘Caricatured Orientalism’ and ‘Slanty-Eye Yellowface Makeup:’ Life as a Biracial Ballerina

“Geoorginnahhhh. Hey, gurl! You ready to get up on that stage with your ethnic family?” One of the senior corps members and one fine-ass Black

Mena Suvari Wants to Be Roasted For Her Past

Mena Suvari was a turn-of-the-21st-century icon. In 1999 alone, she starred in the Academy Award-winning drama American Beauty (as a vixen smokescreen for insecure teenage

Addison Rae Sings Justin Bieber, Hailee Steinfeld and ‘Obsessed’ in a Game of Song Association

TikTok mega star, dancer, actor and singer–yes, Addison Rae is All That. But how will she hold up in a round of Song Association? Tune

Paris Hilton Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her First Child

Paris Hilton is reportedly expecting, just four months after announcing her engagement to Carter Reum. Page Six broke the news that the hotel heiress, 40,

I Finally Found the One… Face Scrub for Me

I’m not too fond of face scrubs. As a beauty editor, I’m not proud of disowning an entire category and now you know my dark,

I Spoke Out About Mental Illness Stigma. Why Was It So Hard to Admit I Needed Help Myself?

After struggling with infertility for years, my husband and I finally conceived. The moment I gave birth to my son, Eli, was the happiest in